Where There is a Will There is Way

10 Lines on Where There is a Will There is Way

English proverbs are the ones which has lot of meanings hidden in simple and short words.
One of the most popular ones among the proverbs is “Where there is a will, there is a way” and we have written a simple essay of 10 lines on it.

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10 Lines on Where There is a Will There is Way

  1. If you have the determination to do something, you are sure to find a way of doing it.
  2. When there is a will there is a way portrays nothing that is impossible to do.
  3. There were so many famous people believed in this theory.
  4. Napoleon, who rightly believed “Nothing is Impossible” ordered the army
    to march into Italy.
  5. Goethe once said, “He who has a firm will moulds the world to
  6. What may seem impossible will turn out to be easy to accomplish,
    if you go on to do it with determination.
  7. Before anything you do, you must have that will to pursue the task.
  8. If you are down and doesn’t have any confidence, you may not able to finish what you started.
  9. The Important thing to do is to believe in yourself.
  10. Be determined and confident in life, so you can face the challenges of life and do something grateful.

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