school life vs college life

10 Reasons College Life Differ From High School Days

School Life VS College Life

The memories that created in the high school and college life will be the running fuel of time-chariot run by wheels of responsibilities. We will not talk about grades and marks and get you bored. Else, we love to discuss the wonderful memories that you had in your college and high school life.

From Academics to Flirting, everything changes when you step out from your high school days to college. Those who are in high school will get to know the changes that you would face and those who are in college can relate to this post in ease.

School Life VS College Life: “Do you Have an extra Pen?”

In High School, we used to own a complete set of instrument box, with multiple pens, pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. I still remember the days when I used to quarell with our friends for losing our pen.

And in college, we rarely have a pen in our backpack. Almost every day I ask for a Pen to the Nerdy Classmates and lose it on next day itself. There was instances where I forgot to bring Pen on examdays.

Short-term Loan in Xerox Shops

In High School Life, Textbooks were neatly covered and Lecture Notes were taken. Teacher used to give us notes. We buried our head down in the Notes. Read text books for clarifications.

Now, The Guy who owns the Photocopy shop near your college knows the complete syllabus by heart. From micro copies to photostat lectures, he stands as a lecturer in front of you. Galleries of phones are filled with photos of notes and PDFs. College Life differs from School Life, we throw away our last acadamic year’s notes. Where as in college we keep our notes safe for the ‘Worst Case Scenario’ IYKWIM!

Wardrobe Malfunctions!

School Life had Uniforms. In college, Boys are not hesitated to wear the same t-shirt again, and the girls would be thinking every morning “what to wear today?”. Boys may be wandering arounf hostel rooms to find a shirt that fits their size. Our Shirt from yesterday would be long gone and can be seen with hostel mate in some other department. The people never wore School uniforms twice a day wears same pair of Jeans for whole month in College!

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School Life VS College Life: My Life, My Rules

The days where your parents chose your hairstyle has come to an end. You design your hairstyle, beard, and your Life.

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college life and school life differences

Attendance Apocalypse!

Took a day off in high school? No Problem. Write a Leave letter!

Late for a period in college and lost your 75% in attendance? Please write your exam next year.

Bunk College

The Rate of Bunking in Colleges is directly proportional to the square root of boredness of the lecture and the number of friends atoms trying jump out of the molecules.

After-Result Party

In High School Days scoring an A was not satisfactory, where in college you would party whole night for just passing the exam with least grades.

Positive with Insomnia

College Life VS School Life? Well in College life, you and your friends will finish the whole season of Game of Thrones in one night.

B for Burger; B for Beer

You will be exposed to the whole level of addictions from Counter-Strike to Beer-Strike in colleges.  And you Post your life story on Instagram and Tweets for everything.

In school life, you took fought with your best friend for lollipops.

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