how to save money in college life

18 Best Tips to Save Money in College Life

Everyone knows that student life can be quite difficult, and especially in the world of hi-tech gadgets, brand clothing, and party weekends! To save money in college Here are some best tips to survive with the minimum income you have and maybe get that some extra chunk easier.

Money management

Now that you are finally living on yourself, you may be tempted to spend money on things that your parents normally think unnecessary. Do not create yourself the problems that other students get, namely debts, debts, and debts. Because making debts in Student College Life has become so easy nowadays that it almost belongs to our society.

Student Account

Take a student account that suits you and with low-interest rates, do not take one because you get a food coupon or a customized card at that one bank. They lure you to pay higher interest rates. First, do some research on the web and compare them with each other. A good bank account itself can save money in college life.

save money in college

The Credit Card

Do not buy a credit card. And do not let yourself be tempted by the bank, even though the latest iPhone X is just as dope! The Credit Card lenders are not really behind their table to make your life easier, they are there to make money for them. Make yourself more aware of how you can best spend your money and buy the things that you can afford within your budget.
Save Money In College and then you can spend it later! If you still want that iPhone X, just save money for it.
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Pay Bills Timely to Save Money in College

Pay your bills on time!That is the basic rule number one. As soon as you do not pay on time, you lose track and you get into trouble. Keep them in a reminder section on your phone as soon as they arrive, if you receive your pocket money then pay them immediately. Paying it as soon as possible will reduce many hurdles.

Organize and plan

Having and keeping your finances in order is a difficult but mature task. Download any Finance management Apps and keep track of all your expenses at ease. Plan what to buy for this month and always keep some safety money!

Check what you spend!

college money saving tips

As soon as you have hands on your pocket money, first calculate how much spending space you have after you have deducted all your fixed costs. It is however too often that people spend first and only then think that they are over their budget.

College Money Saving Tips – Do not spend all your budget.

If you have bought and paid all your basic things and you have extra money left over then you do not necessarily have to spend it! You can also save it for next month maybe you have some more extras and you can do some nicer editions for yourself.
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Save your receipts.

Keep them for me separately in an old box under your bed. You need them before the end of the month because then you can compare them with the previous month, with what you can still improve in terms of expenses or that you have spent neatly. Some you even need for a number of years. You can also get Smartphone Apps doing the same work with ease.

Buying Gadgets

Save money in college by buying second-hand laptops. At the end of the year, you sell it again for almost the same amount that you have bought it. Or else in 5 years, you think you had done that, now that you are so in debt for a new one! Trust me, you do not need a new laptop yet!

Travel Junkies

Forget the long flights or Big World Wide Tour. Go on day trips within the budget, campsites and or special group trips for students, with a low expense. Bet you can also make great fun there. Later on, if you have your degrees and good job, you can make long journeys as much as you want. So it is a long-term investment!

Travel Expenses

You can save money in college a lot if you do not buy or rent Car. Cars are expensive! petrol, insurance, road tax and so on … Make sure your room is near the city and college or easily accessible by public transport. With your College ID Card, you can travel for a concession Or find a friend who has a car.

how to save money in college life

The Expensive Friend

Do not hang out with Big Spenders! Some students have parents with a well-filled bank account, and many do not. Dealing with students who have lot’s of money, you will make large expenses with them, which you can not afford. They may always eat in KFC or McDonald’s where you will be forced to share the bill. Well, if you want to save money in college life, a best friend with hefty bank account may come in your favor too!
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The Enjoyment

Join every activity organized for students. Fun festivals, promotions, and so on. There are a lot of things to do for students, not expensive, but will create good memories. Always keep an eye on your student’s newspaper. Download “What’s in your city” Apps. Also, make use of the many discounts that you get at stores. Even you can cut short the Apple Music Membership Price by half with your College ID.

Your personal life

Take care of yourself, your mom is no longer there to remind you to start studying. Nobody is going to say that you have to save money in collegeĀ or to get enough fruit and vegetables a day. Self-discipline is now the most important thing you have, now that you are all alone!


The things that fill your college dorm room, Beer, cigarettes, and weed, it is all very expensive stuff. Limiting these expenses can itself save money in college life of yours. And this stuff will only make your brain and mind work backward. Just know your limits, there is nothing wrong with drinking beer or smoking a joint rarely, but do not go too far and preferably not on a weekday.


To save money in college try dating cheaply! Enjoy what Mother Nature has given you, beautiful forests and parks. Go for a nice cup of coffee in a coffee shop, check off on the internet where you can eat cheap and tasty. make use of student parties.

Enjoy plenty! Make sure you get the most out of your student life, sometimes it is just a bite to bite but you must remember that this time you always stay and with a broad smile will come back to think later in your farewell speech.

Make money!

Spend less than you earn. Do not you earn much? Do not spend much! If your income and expenses correspond, then you have two choices, earn more or spend less! Take multiple jobs, more income and you can spend more.

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Start your own business Can you install a hard drive, build a website, create layouts? Or maybe you’re good at repairing cars, playing guitar. Everyone is good at something and then use it. Make sure you are cheap and consequent. As soon as your clientele is a bit bigger, you can always increase your earnings. Seriously this is a great way to make money! Earn and save money in college life to safeguard your future.


You can invest small amounts of money with several banks, often also aimed at students and young people. Do not become too obsessed with what you invest and deserve, sometimes you have a lot of luck and sometimes a few cents more than you have invested. The most important thing you gain from this is that you get to know how investing and investing work. Later, if you have more income, you can get big and nice amounts of it! Investing is also a way to save money in college life.

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