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Onam Pookalam Designs by Themes for Colleges

People throughout the Onam clean their homes and paint them fantastically. At the Onam festivals folks get new fabrics, And, Prepare differing kinds of sweets and dishes. The fascinating half is ‘Onasadya’ served in banana leaves. (Scroll Down for onam pookalam designs 2018) that may be a flower carpet for his or her home is the main highlight. This symbolizes the cordial reception of the Mahabali kind. A sweet card referred to as “Payasam” is served throughout the Onam competition.

With vallamkali many men ride the boats on the drums and cymbals. The boats have a scarlet silk umbrella with golden coins suspended. This event is extremely common for the race. This race sometimes takes place in Papiyad, close to Quilon, Pamba watercourse in Kuttanad and Thayathangadi close to Kottayam.

Not all Hindus, however, Muslims and Christians celebrate Onam. it is a festival that unites people, despite being of various cultures, religions or races. Onam is celebrated with a totally different method in Trichur elephants, with fantastically clothed with cloths, ornaments and colours and mainly onam pookalam designs. There will be competitions held for onam pookalam designs from schools, colleges to government offices. So Here we provide different onam pookalam designs 2018.

Selected Onam Pookalam Designs 2018

  1. Onam Pookalam Design with Different color combinations
Onam Pookalam Designs 2017
Onam Pookalam Designs 2018

2. Onam Pookalam Photos with Reddish Color Combo

onam athapookalam 2017
onam athapookalam 2018

3. Onam Athapookalam with chariot wheel in centre.

Best Pookalam Design first prize 2017
Best Pookalam Design first prize 2018

4. One of the best Onam Pookalam Designs

Onam Pookalam Designs And Themes For Competitions
Onam Pookalam Designs And Themes For Competitions

5. Onam Pookalam best Designs

Beutiful flower rangoli


6. Onam Pookalam Images Drawing

pookalam design 2017
pookalam design 2018


7. Pookalam Design Drawings

Onam pookalam designs 2017
Onam pookalam design 2018

8. Onam Pookalam Vector

onam pookalam designs 2017

9. Onam Pookalam First Prize

Beutiful flower rangoli....

10. Onam Pookalam Design 2018

 onam pookalam designs 2017

11. Onam Pookalam design themes


12. Onam Atham pookalam

Pookalam Designs with Dots, Best Onam Pookalam Designs

13. Best Onam Pookalam

 onam pookalam designs 2017

14. onam pookalam design 2018

 onam pookalam designs 2017

15. Simple onam pookalam designs 2018

Floral Pattern - Pookkalam, Onam festival, Kerala


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