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The Best Note Making Format – How To Make Lecture Notes?

Taking notes in college is fundamental! They are the perfect addition to the books recommended by your teacher. Taking notes in the best note making format is also a super good way to increase your attention during class. In addition, notes taken during class allow you to better understand on which part of your course the emphasis was placed.

Choosing the best note making format is not so easy. Especially if the teacher talks continuously without any visual support such as a PowerPoint presentation. It is a matter of habit. Notes can be taken,

  • Before the lesson
  • During class
  • After the lesson


Preparing for lessons can be very useful. Later on, you can gain a lot of time while taking your notes, but also during your course.

How can you prepare your effective lecture note in best note taking format:

  • Spend a dozen minutes on the material you had during your previous lesson: browse through your notes, check if you can solve an exercise. This will allow you not to lose sight of the line with the previous lessons.
  • Another tip to achieve the best note making format is to View the table of contents of your course. So you know in advance which topics will be discussed during the lesson, you already have a structure in which you can pour your notes and you have already become acquainted with the most important concepts.
  • Read the chapter from your course that the teacher will discuss. This way you know in advance which parts are more complicated, and you can concentrate extra when the teacher explains these aspects.
  • If the material is available online, such as slides, for example, view it in advance and/or print it if you like to take notes directly next to the slides. It is another way to prepare an effective note making format.


First and foremost choose a good place in the classroom. It is not easy not to sit next to your friends because a chat during the lesson is always fun. But to avoid concentration problems, do not put your best friends and do not sit in the last row.

If the lesson starts listen carefully to the teacher. Often he/she starts with a brief explanation of what he/she will discuss during the lesson or with a short summary of what he/she has told the last time.

For the best Note Making Format:

  • Write down on each notepad: box, date and page number. This way you avoid losing time afterward to get your notes in good note making format.
  • If the material of syllabus is available in advance, print them out and bring them to the class to take notes directly.
  • If you take notions on paper, leave enough room for possible additions afterward during the review or while studying your course. For example, you can write on one side of your sheet, or divide your sheet into two.
  • Listen to what the teacher explains, but try to write down with your own words. But be careful that your own opinion mixes with that of the teacher.
  • You do not have to write everything down, but write down the essentials. Be sure to write down what you do not find in your course or in the slides of the teacher, such as examples or exercises.
  • Do not write full sentences, but use abbreviations and keywords! That requires less time to write down so you can better follow the lesson. And keywords are always important to study afterward and especially to respond well to your exams.
  • Using Shortcuts will improve your Note Making Format.
  • Follow the structure of the slides or your course at just writing.
  • Do not waste time by paying close attention to perfect notes. The most important thing is that your notes are as clear and complete as possible that it meets the note making format.

Watch implicit hints! Important information will usually tell the teacher more slowly, stressed more strongly or write on the board.

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At the end of the lesson, the teacher often briefly summarizes the essence once again. So wait with your stuff to pack until the lesson is over.


Probably the most important part, but mostly overlooked! Teachers control their subject so that everything seems simple and obvious. One is sometimes surprised how some aspects are so difficult the day before the exam and still seemed so simple during class. Maybe it’s because you do not have good notes.

That is why it is important to re-read your notes after each lesson to ensure that you understand everything that is in your notes and it is incorrect note making format to be read later. If this is not the case, you can complete and/or improve your own notes with the aid of notes from friends. And if you have any questions regarding the lesson, you can ask your fellow students or teachers with these questions. Moreover, by re-reading your course within 24 hours after class, you will later study the subject matter much more easily.


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