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5 Quick Tips to Lower College Laptop Temperature

As technology evolves, laptop computers become faster and have more options than in previous years. The problem with faster laptops and the compact design is that the internal components build heat faster, which can cause the risk of overheating. When the laptop overheats, the system may crash or cause irreparable damage to the computer. There are ways to lower the laptop temperature computer to prevent overheating.

1. Choose from the Start menu by clicking the mouse and select Control Panel. Go to Power Management and select Windows Power Management and click Portable / Laptop.

2. Turn the power on the laptop to clean the fan openings with a bottle of compressed air. Cleaning the fans will help the fans turn better so that they can cool the laptop. The gaps are usually on the underside or back, depending on the type of laptop model. Spray the air into the laptop outlet to force the dust off through the vent. A vacuum cleaner fittings will also work.

3. Get the computer out of your lap or desk when you use it may lower laptop temperature. You can purchase commercial pads that are designed to increase the airflow and leave the bottom of the laptop. If you do not want to buy a path, use household items for the laptop’s bankruptcy.

4. When using it place your laptop in a cool space. If you do not have an air-conditioned room, avoid using the computer in direct sunlight.

5. Close the computer properly when you are not using it. Go to the Start menu and select Exit to disable safely.


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