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Best Apps to Record Lecture – Lecture Capture Apps

Best Lecture Capture Apps for College Students

Recording lecture as audio is common practice now. Students used to record the lectures for future references and learning. It will be quite helpful in the end days of exam preparation. Previously lectures were recorded using normal Voice Recorders on the phone. But most times the recording got lost and was also arranged badly. There are now many apps that can help students to record, organize and learn lectures. Here are the top 5 lecture capture apps that will improve your grade and save you time for sure. There are also apps that can help you to record lectures and convert it into text to read back later.

1. SoundNote (iOS, $4.99)

The first one in the list of Lecture Capture Apps, SoundNote is the best way to take notes in meetings, lectures, and interviews. It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you’ll never worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote will jump right to the proper time in the audio. It has Drawing tool for quick sketches in Lectures. And also, Features to Edit and Format it later.
SoundNote is perfect for College students. If you ever fall asleep in class, SoundNote will help to record the whole class for you.
You can transfer your Files to Mac or PC. Audio notes are recorded in the M4A format where one hour of high-quality audio is only 25MB.

Lecture Capture Apps: Download SoundNote Here.

2. OfficeLens (iOS, Android, Free)

OfficeLens is an app from Microsoft, that helps you to capture whiteboards, blackboards, or even lecture notes. You can send them to your friends, share it on cloud drives. You can also convert it into specific formats like PDF. OfficeLens helps to make digital copies of your printed documents, business cards or posters and trim them precisely. The printed and handwritten text will be automatically recognized, so you can search for words in images and then copy and edit them.

Download for Android | iOS


3. SuperNote (iOS, Free)

SuperNote helps you create notes very rapidly and make voice recordings during lectures. The notes are color coded so you can find them instantly and you can change the note color on the fly. You can also set future alert reminders on individual notes.

Recordings & Photos are built into the note and can be made any time – you can take notes & photos while recording or while playing, and you can pause/resume to add new recording sections to an existing recording.

You can also transfer your notes to other people or to your computer using email, WiFi, or Dropbox.

Download SuperNote Here

4. Evernote (Android, iOS | Free)

Evernote is the most popular Note Taking App. Evernote can be used to write, capture and record everything. It helps you to Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vital thought. Also, you can Clip and highlight articles from the web for academic research. Multiple users on Evernote can Plan and collaborate for better academic group work.

Download Evernote Here: iOS  | Android

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