10 lines on how i spend my locdown

10 Lines on How I Spend My Lockdown – Simple Essay

We are going through tough time and most of us are in lockdown. Kids and even elder people are asked the question to answer “How you spend your lockdown time ?”. Here we have written 10 Lines on How I spend My lockdown time for kids. They can use these 10 Lines on Lockdown Hobbies to complete their homework or worksheet.

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  1. I wake up at 7 ‘o clock daily on lockdown days.
  2. I do a little exercise to keep my body healthy.
  3. After that, I attend my online classes. My favourite teacher Reetha Ma’am takes class Online.
  4. Then I help my mother in the kitchen and she also makes me special dishes.
  5. I play board games with my siblings. I always win if the game is Uno.
  6. I like to watch movies during lockdown times.
  7. Then it is time for my guitar practice.
  8. In the evening I water plants in our garden.
  9. Then I do my worksheets and homework given by my teacher.
  10. At 9’O clock, I will go to sleep.

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