11 Funny Tweets About Indian College Life

Indian College Life is not alike other parts of the world. The cuture and the parents have a great impact on the life of college students in India. These tweets about Indian College Life can get you an idea about the whole system in a funny way!

“Me: Sorry, Mom, actually a truck ran over me on my way back from school, so I am at the hospital.  

Mom: How was your exam? – Jungli Billi  in Hilarious tweets about Indian College Life


indian college life tweets


“My classmates are planning to bunk college tomorrow to watch India’s match. I plan to ditch so that I can sleep” – Anirudh

tweets about indian college life


“Mumbai rains are like me during college projects. Nothing for three weeks and then suddenly when it’s crunch-time, EVERYTHING AT ONCE.”Rohan


“It’s not Saturday night if you don’t see 7 college kids on 1 Activa cruising at 95kmph” – @kitAnurag

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“So after Maggie now po** sites banned in India. What will I tell my kids in near future that how I spend my time during college days!” – @Banarasi_Hindu

college life in india tweets


“How to avoid your juniors from college: you don’t. They’re fun people once you get to know their weaknesses. Then, you kick them.” – @AccioBae

“I download my college progress report. I find it too tedious to match the module name to its code and verify. I close the pdf. I delete it.” – @jrnybot


“Breaking Bad in Indian college life would be an engineer growing weed and selling it to local pan-wallahs outside his college. #indiancollegelife” – @TapaswiGunjaal


“In medical college, a boy and a girl fall in love only after failing to read each other’s handwriting. ” – @Roflindian


“What really helps you get by in the office: “

Learning things from co-workers: 5%

Guesswork: 4%

Google: 90%

What you learned in Indian college life: 1%” – @AksharPathak

“Me: Bill Gates was a drop out” Yeah but he dropped out of Harvard not

Dad: Yeah but he dropped out of ‘Harvard’ not 11th-grade intensive reading” #desicollegelife- BunkCollege


Even if you made fun of your college, you miss those memories from your college life and the tears from your farewell speech



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