How to Host Freshers Party in College with Theme, Games and Dress Code

So It is the freshers day! The day to welcome Juniors to the college with colors and all sorts of fun. To make this freshers party an awesome experience for each and every one, we should plan it well. For that, we have to go through the things that make the Freshers party an unforgettable event.

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Find a Theme

Freshers Party Themes are the best way of Icebreaking. Select a theme that matches your country, fashion, farewell games, and pranks etc. Go for recent trending subject, movies or series. Go to Top 10 College Freshers Day Themes 2018 for finding your best freshers day theme.

Name your Freshers Party!

“Freshers Day 2K19” is the new cliche. Stay out of it. Find something matches to your theme. Also, names relate to the thing you study or about your college would be nice.

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Hunt down a Location

Hunt down an area in your college where there is enough space for all our games, food, and should be ready to occupy all of our guests. Choose Outdoor Space or an auditorium for your College Freshers party. Preplan all the things and Don’t forget to chart everything with a to-do list. You can download apps from stores for to-do lists.

Plan Games

The best thing about Freshers day is the games and tasks section. It will create heavy loads of memories that once you can speak out in your farewell speech. There are a lot of Freshers Party Games that will light up the event. Some of them are listed up here for you: Freshers Party Games and Tasks

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Set up Dance and Music

No event is complete with a touch of Dance and Music. Blast off your Freshers Party with Lot of Dancing and Quite a bit of Music. Host Dancing Competitions and Give a chance to the new singers in your college. Soothing Music in the background should enhance the mood and also mix some EDM Music to get everyone on their feet.

Pick a Dress Code

In Many colleges Seniors decides what the Juniors should wear. Most of the times costumes turn out to be funny but there are occasions where Freshers are allowed to wear formal dresses. Otherwise, you could also find costumes matches your freshers party theme. Also, make a Ramp walk and spice up the show.

plan freshers party host and organise

Decorate your Freshers Party

Again if you have already chosen a freshers party theme, stick to it. Don’t spend too much for Decoration. Then find DIY techniques to create artistic and cheap decorative things.

For Organizing Freshers with Perfection, I Prefer to divide tasks to committees such as Events, Decor, Food, Invite etc. And also don’t forget to create a Core Committee.

Fill the Guts!

You made them dance, you made them sing, you made them do the awful freshers tasks. It’s time to feed them. Plan mouthwatering dishes for all the teachers, students, and staffs. Take the list of Vegetarians if you are cooking Non-Veg, You have to consider them too.

You can also invite Celebrities to the event. After all, don’t consider freshers party as a day of ragging. Consider it as the bridge and Ice Breaker between Juniors and Seniors. Do a funny act in the beginning and it would help the Juniors to get some confidence. Will be helpful if you are planning some pranks or giving them tasks later.

You can Host a Freshers Party by

  1. Naming your Freshers Party
  2. Finding a Theme
  3. Hunting down a Location
  4. Organizing Games
  5. Setting up Dance & Music
  6. Picking a Dress Code
  7. Planning Food
  8. Decorating your Freshers Party!

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