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College Freshers Party Games, Tasks, Pranks, and Dares

Throw out all the cliched items and find something new for your college freshers party. A great list of freshers party tasks, Challenging games for freshers party, or even funny freshers party pranks! Find stuff that engages your audience and that makes your juniors’ day. You can also pull out something in the name of freshers party dares.

Here we are about to discuss some college freshers party games, tasks, pranks and dares for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY! ūüėÄ

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Freshers Party Tasks

Consider this as a mild freshers party task. Dubsmash can be fun. For example, “Kiliki” is the language which was used by Kalakeya¬†tribe¬†in movie Baahubali. If you have heard the language, you know how hilarious it is. Invite a student or a group and ask them to speak Kiliki language. Or else, Play Kalakeya video in the background and ask them to Dub it.

Salted Fresher

freshers games freshers tasks

Freshers Party Pranks

For this freshers party prank, You need some strings tied to cashews (Or any food items). And ask to suck the thread up to eat the cashew. Pretty Simple Right? Not so easy when you dip the thread strings in the concentrated salt mixture!

The Art of Navarasa

Freshers Party Tasks

For a college freshers party task, this event will make many laughs around the corner. Give this challenge to a Junior. Like, to act the Navarasa РThe Nine Moods. Which are Shringar(Erotic), Hasya (Humorous), Karuna (Pathetic), Raudra (Terrible), Veera (Heroic), Bhayanaka (Fearful), Bibhatsa (Odious), Adbhuta (Wonderous), Shanta (Peaceful). If the one who gets this task is not able to do it then, invite someone with acting skills to show this off.

Tissue Box Hop

Games for Freshers Party

freshers party games and ideas for colleges

Buy Tissue Boxes and plastic balls (Table Tennis Balls). Make Origami, wipe off something or just throw away all the tissues. Insert these balls inside.
CAUTION: Make sure the balls won’t come out easily! ..¬†Ahem!

Tie this tissue box to someone’s waist and make them jump and jump and jump to let all the balls out of the box.

The Maxi Dance (Pyjama)

college freshers party tasks

Freshers Party Dares

Choose Boys for this Task. It can be included in the college freshers party dare list. Set up an ‘item song¬†(Not Available in the dictionaries outside India) and make them dance sexy. Pick some manly boys for more fun!

There was a college in Bangalore where all the juniors were told to wear Nightdress on their Freshers Party. Check out Indian College Party Themes for more.

Burn it!

college freshers party dares and pranks

Freshers Party Pranks

This is another one of college freshers party pranks. Ask to light up a candle or thread soaked in water. It will take some time.

Balloon Dancing

Freshers Party Games

Let’s add some old age genre to the list. Balloon Dancing, the college freshers party game in which you make the ‘victims’ dance together with a balloon in between¬†without letting it drop.

Saree+Mummy Combo

Games for Freshers Party

Choose groups of two. Let the first guy dress up other in Saree. After finishing it would be fun to watch if the Saree wearing person tries to dress up other as a Mummy (With Tissue Rolls). You can conduct this as a freshers party game and award the winners.


Kitchen Queen

Know any cold hearted person? Let’s Make them cry! Hand over some Onions to cut. You can also ask to clean some fish. Give them a Plastic Knife if you want to categorize it as one of your Freshers party pranks.

Super-Super Seniors
Freshers Party Tasks

Include your seniors or batchmates to the party! For that, you can include freshers party tasks like;

  1. Propose a Senior
  2. Dance with a Senior
  3. Pick the most attractive Senior
  4. Write a Love Letter on the spot and hand it over to a senior

freshmen party games and tasks

Ramp & Speech
Freshers Party Tasks

After a series of spins in the ramp ask your juniors for a speech. Or you may conduct a Questionnaire. Ask about them, college, or even about seniors they love or hate. You cannot find a Freshers Party without this event.

Freshers Party Pranks

One of the oldest freshers party Prank. Say that there is a coin hidden in a pile of flour. And, to take out the coin you should blow out all the flour. After minutes of struggle, let them know there was no coin hidden inside!

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Shave the Foam
Freshers Party Games

Pick a group of two again, make them face each other and hold balloons in their mouth. Put some Shaving Foam and ask them to shave each other – the balloon. Wish for the balloon to pop and watch the fun.

Freshers Day is when your Juniors know how capable their seniors are. Don’t let yourself down. Organize Freshers Party with Perfection and be an inspiration to your Juniors for the next year’s freshers party tasks and games and also to organize a perfect farewell party!

Make your college Life awesome.

Games for Freshers Party:

  1. The Freshers Party Speech
  2. Salted Freshers
  3. The Art of Navarasa
  4. The Pyjama Steps
  5. Burn the Water
  6. Saree+Mummy
  7. Kitchen Queen
  8. Super-Super Seniors
  9. Ramp Walking
  10. Dubsmash
  11. Shaving foam

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