How to Prepare Anchoring Script for Freshers Party (Template)

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The backbone of any function is the way how it is presented. Nothing much can alter the goodness of a freshers party if it had a good anchoring script. Here I have written a template that you can use to make your own freshers party anchoring script. Add your own twists to this anchoring script sample and make the event a memorable one.

Start with a Good Introduction

Welcome to <Your Freshers Party Name>. Everything new is exciting for human-kind. It is full of excitement and exuberance. A lot of surprise, cheerfulness, and joy. To the faces with hope, positiveness, and passion, I welcome all of you into our wonderful freshers day! This day, we welcome our batch of new faces into this department with fun, colors and a lot of games.

Slide through our 40 Freshers Party Names and Titles if you haven’t named your party yet.

Add Quotes in Between

“Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can, and you’ll get to where God wants you to be.”

See Quotes for the First Day of College for more to include in your freshers party anchoring script.

Don’t forget to add Prayer in your Anchoring Script

Before we move on to our freshers day function, I would like to request all of you to please stand up for the Prayer.

best freshers day anchoring scripts templates and 50 vote of thanks quotes

Welcome your Teachers and Seniors

Now I would like to welcome our fantastic seniors to the program.
Add Some Cinematic Background Music and make your seniors’ entry awesome!
“Teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.”
I would like to welcome our beloved teachers, whom shall guide you through the whole non-ending college life of yours!

And next, to welcome all the fresh faces here, I would like to pass the mic to our favorite teacher <Name & Designation>

For sharing more thoughts about our freshers day, I welcome <Name & Designation>

Include Games and Cultural Events in your Freshers Party Anchoring Script

Freshers Day is for everyone. Include individual cultural events as well as group items. Make sure of everyone’s participation. Better start the function with a Dance by the organizing Seniors itself.

So I call upon the stage <Name & Batch> to present a <Song/Dance>. (Thank you)

Before Continuing I highly recommend you to read our article about Freshers Party Games, Tasks, Dares & Pranks you can Conduct. Or else watch the corresponding freshers party games video in youtube If you are too lazy to read.

List tasks and games to every freshers and call them one by one.

For the next game of <game name>, I welcome our Junior <Name> to the stage. Hello! <Name>, very glad welcome to you, Please Introduce yourself to our teachers and seniors here

That wonderful performance of the first years’ have made the whole crowd envious of their confidence and I know they won’t give it up so easily. <Name> is here to challenge them with another game.

Conclude your Freshers Party Anchoring Script with Vote of Thanks

Quotes are the best to enhance the Vote of thanks Speech. Feel free to go through our Vote of thanks quotes and end your Freshers Party Anchoring script in style.


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