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12 College Party Themes – From Freshers to Farewell

Searching for freshers party themes? Or Farewell Party Themes? Parties are not always meant to be organized in the same way. That you must Shuffle around the looks and themes. Maybe a ‘Lungi’ on a party can be swag too. In college, there may be functions from freshers day to farewell day. You can find College Party Themes here that can change the face of these functions.

Bollywood and Regional Movies

You can get a lot of inspirations from Bollywood Movies for your college party themes. From the early 80s to this new-gen era you can find a theme from movies in ease. First of all, Do a quick search of new trending movies and copy the theme from props to fashion. Harem pants of Kareena in Jab We Met and GAP hoodie of SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai were trendsetters at that time.

Also find ideas from Tollywood, Sandalwood, Mollywood, and Kollywood depending your region. Pick out a trendsetting movie from your language and set the party theme.

Party Themes in India
Malayalam movie Premam ‘Black Shirt and Dhoti’ were the trendsetters in 2015 find something similar in 2019!

College Party Themes from Hollywood Movies

Considering Parties in foreign country colleges, Indian college parties are nowhere to compare. And, they have a wide variety of themes and ideas for parties and the costumes they wear for Halloween are awesome. Similarly inspired by their movies in we can consider adapting ideas for our college party themes.

Get inspiration from series and Sit-Coms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and latest pop-culture hit Game of Thrones. You can find a wide variety of characters and props from Game of Thrones.

80s Era

college party themes

Find something unique from the 80s. Also, Set the atmosphere and props from the old-age era. Do fashion like we are living in the past. For College Party Themes, search for trends that ruled in the 80s.

Black and White

black and white farewell college party themes

Set the party mode to B&W. From the decorations to the food, try everything in monochrome.And, It may add a new vibe to your party. It will give a professional look if you are thinking to organize college farewell party.


Indian college party themes

Adding Colors with a Hippie touch is another Indian college party theme that can rock the arena. After all the beads and trends these guys possess there is no need to think of another idea that glitters the function.

College Party Themes from Books

Meanwhile get Inspiration from books and it’s characters. Set the book’s theme as your college party theme and have fun. From Harry Potter to

Themes From Traditional Culture

India is a vast country with plenty of cultures and traditions. If you are giving a college farewell speech, there is nothing better than a costume that reflects your tradition and customs.

farewell party themes


Role-Model in freshers party themes

This college party theme can bring out a lot of varieties. Above all, everyone can dress as like their role-models (from Mahatma Gandhi to ‘Salman Khan’). Enjoy your freshers party pranks with this costume on!

Future Person in farewell party themes

Sure about becoming an Engineer? Or a Businessman?  Think about future you and dress up. At the same time, one can take it seriously or find a hilarious costume to make someone laugh.

Superhero and Supervillain themes

Why So Serious? Finally, we can argue about ‘Marvel or DC’. There are a lot of Superheroes and Supervillains to go through. And You can also consider desi Superheroes like ‘Shaktiman’ and ‘Krrish’ since we are in a search for College Party Themes.

Relationship Status for freshers party themes

This theme can be used as a freshers party theme or a farewell party theme. The Costumes can be planned as Red for committed, Green for Single and Yellow for complicated.

According to your theme, name your farewell party wisely!

Summary: College Party Themes

  1. From Bollywood Movies
  2. 80s Era
  3. Hippies
  4. From Hollywood Movies and Series
  5. From Regional Movies
  6. Relationship Status
  7. Superhero/Supervillain
  8. Role-Model
  9. Your Future Person
  10. Traditional Theme
  11. Black and White
  12. From Books


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