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Tips to Keep your College Dorm Rooms Clean

The Cleaning in an average student hostel/dorm is usually a bunch of irregular activities. For example, little dust is sucked, the windows are dirty and the dishes are not washed until there are no cleaned ones in the cupboard. And let’s not talk about the entry of a mouse or cockroach crawling over the floor.It is understandable that as a student you are too busy with other things such as going to college, going out, working or studying. Yet you do not have to live in a rancid college hostel because with the college hostel cleaning tips below will make your college dorm room stays a lot fresher.

Start with the Toilet – College Dorm Cleaning Tips

First to the checklist for your college hostel cleaning tips is your toilet. A dirty toilet is often found in a student room. Not at all necessary and the only thing you need to keep it clean is a pack of disposable wipes and 30 seconds of time. The doorknob, pull-through knob, and the tap are the three places where most bacteria are clogged. So preferably wipe it clean every day and if you’re at it, wipe the glasses as well and spray some toilet spray under the edge. Just brush through and is ready.

Note: these disposable wipes should not be flushed through the toilet as this will cause blockages.

Next the Kitchen – College Hostel Cleaning Tips

Also, there are things that really need to be cleaned in the kitchen. If you have prepared raw chicken or meat on a cutting board, you should immediately wash it off with detergent and warm water. If you do not feel like doing the dishes every day, then you do not like it. It is advisable to pans just to rinse because such a caked layer is difficult to remove. If this is the case then soda is the solution. Sprinkle a little soda and warm water in a pan and all baked-on food remains will come loose.


From a study by the consumer union, the dishcloth in a student college hostel contains an average of 7.9 billion bacteria. Do not you feel like washing the dishcloth every day? Then use the disposable wipes again.

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College Dorm Checklist – A few more tips for keeping your college room clean.

Below are some useful college hostel cleaning tips

  • Turn on a music during the cleaner, this makes the atmosphere immediately a lot more relaxed
  • If you start something, finish it! Nothing is more annoying when you only do different things for half. Always start at the top and work down
  • Make a cleaning schedule so everyone has a fixed day in the week to clean. rotate in the most tedious jobs
  • College Hostel Cleaning Tips – Make a schedule with the things that matter most: it’s more important for your health that the kitchen and toilet are clean and getting the same bed for a week-long is not a problem.

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