Keeping up with trends may be challenging, as new trends keep rolling out every other day. However, you will need to do away with the old hairstyle trends that you have been holding since God knows when! Reset your entire look by just having some hairstyle changes. The following are six trendy 2018 hairstyles for college students that you should not let the year end without giving a try.

1Black high medium ponytail

hairstyles for college 2018

Do you need a hairstyle that flatters your cheekbones and gives you that versatile look? Well, this is the hairstyle for you. The ponytail is of a higher profile and does not cover your entire back. It is medium length. The catch is that the ponytail ends up in a perfect ruffled look that adds spice to your personality. The good thing is that you will not end up getting late for your lecture while trying to accomplish the look. Also, you can head straight to the party straight from the class if you are wearing this hairstyle. You will only be required to retouch your make up a little bit, and maybe have a change of outfit!