6 Trendy Hairstyles for College Students In 2018

Keeping up with trends may be challenging, as new trends keep rolling out every other day. However, you will need to do away with the old hairstyle trends that you have been holding since God knows when! Reset your entire look by just having some hairstyle changes. The following are six trendy 2018 hairstyles for college students that you should not let the year end without giving a try.

Black high medium ponytail

hairstyles for college 2018

Do you need a hairstyle that flatters your cheekbones and gives you that versatile look? Well, this is the hairstyle for you. The ponytail is of a higher profile and does not cover your entire back. It is medium length. The catch is that the ponytail ends up in a perfect ruffled look that adds spice to your personality. The good thing is that you will not end up getting late for your lecture while trying to accomplish the look. Also, you can head straight to the party straight from the class if you are wearing this hairstyle. You will only be required to retouch your make up a little bit, and maybe have a change of outfit!

Highlighted French braid

girls college hairstyles

You do not want to miss out on this hairdo! It turns out perfect especially if you give it a burgundy-white highlight. If you are a sucker for pretty, then this is the hairstyle for you. You are luckier if your hair is colored: you will effortlessly be able to rock this look.

The short blonde mess

hairstyles for students

This hairstyle screams elegance! To top it up, the hairdo is smart too. The hairstyle is a mesh of a mid part and a French braid. The twist of the hairdo is that you will be required to do independent French braids after the part, which later you merge them into a messy braid. It will give you the messy yet neat and attractive look.

Puffed ponytail

puffed ponytail hairstyle for college students

Are you that person that gets smitten by the rock star look? Well, this is the perfect hairstyle to rock the studs and boots in. The puffed ponytail will not disappoint in giving you the edgy and sophisticated look. More so the messy essence that to your ponytail is unmatched! With ombre hues, the hairdo will give you a rock star attitude that will make you stand out at school.

Messy Braid

messy braid hairstyle for girls

Everyone loves a young and refreshing look: which is why this hairstyle is mostly recommended for college students in 2018. It does not hurt to add a refreshing look to an already young and fresh face. This braid has to be a side one: it is as simple as tying long hair to the side to a messy-chic braid with a middle parting.  How do you style it? First, you will need a brush. The next step is to pull your hair such that it comes to one side and brush it. After brushing it properly, braid the hair loosely up to the end. Once that is done, you will need to part it in the middle followed by gently pulling out a few strands to make it look messy. And there you go: ready to take over the world!

Shoulder length bob with jagged bangs

If there is one hairstyle that never stays or goes out of trend is the bob. You can probably recall one of the bob styles that your mum rocked back in the day. The style gets renovated once in a while and becomes brand new, regarding trend. The beauty of the shoulder length lob With Jagged bangs is that it suits all face types. The side-parted shoulder-length bob with jagged bangs and tinted edges is not your average bob style.

This style is achieved by parting your hair to one side, followed by a gentle brush up. Once that is done, you will need to curl your hair at the end and curl the bangs outwards so that your face is framed. You can spice up the style further by tinting the edges.

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