Even though American Prom culture is spreading across the whole world, Farewell Day Parties hasn’t died either. Naming the last party in our college so lame as “Farewell Day 2K18” is so outdated. Let’s find some unique and classy college farewell party names to fire up the event. Mark these titles for farewell now! If you looking for Farewell Titles for your Seniors, 50 of them are also listed down also.



You can find the title for the farewell party on the web that you can scrape and copy. It will only cheapen the quality of the way you organize college farewell party. For example, You can check your way through this college farewell party names.

Synonyms for College Farewell Party Names – Farewell Titles



3adieu – titles for farewell




7hasta la vista



10bon voyage


12aloha – titles for farewell








20Au Revoir


22ardievas – titles for farewell

23do widzenia

24la revedere





29Rest in Peace 😀



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Farewell Title For Seniors


If You are in search of perfect farewell names for seniors, here are 50 of them!

31Mr./Ms. Shakespeare

32Mr./Ms. Bookworm

33Ms. P.T.Usha

34Mr./Ms. Crowdpuller

35Mr./Ms. Einstein

36Mr./Ms. Storyteller

37Mr./Ms. Introvert

38Mr./Ms. Frenzy

39Mr./Ms. GasBag


41Mr./Ms. Richie Rich

42Mr./Ms. Dimple

43Mr./Ms. Perfect Beard

44Mr./Ms. Photography

45Mr./Ms. Beautiful Teeth

46Mr./Ms. Photogenic

47Mr./Ms. Studious

48Mr./Ms. Athlete

49Mr./Ms. Innocent

50Mr./Ms. Lazy

51Mr./Ms. Clean

52Mr./Ms. Debater

53Mr./Ms. Dancer

54Mr./Ms. Sentimental

55Mr./Ms. Singer

56Mr./Ms. Silent

57Mr./Ms. Charmer

58Mr./Ms. Smiling Face

59Mr./Ms. Fitness Freak

60Mr./Ms. Athlete of field

61Mr./Ms. Gamer dude/dudette

62Mr./Ms. Traveler

63Mr./Ms. Comedian

64Mr./Ms. Dancer

65Mr./Ms. Story teller

66Mr./Ms. photogenic

67Mr./Ms. Best Smile

68Mr./Ms. Handsome/Gorgeous

69Mr./Ms. All-Rounder

70Mr./Ms. Lazy Bee

71Mr./Ms. Helping Hand

72Mr./Ms. Ever Ready

73Mr./Ms. Dicto

74Mr./Ms. Remainder

75Mr./Ms. Alcoholic

76Mr./Ms. Cinemaholic

77Mr./Ms. Teacher’s Pet

78Mr./Ms. Internet

79Mr./Ms. Dumb

80Mr./Ms. EDM


Pick an emotional name from your memories

Don’t forget the way your seniors organized freshers party and the freshers party games they set up. Now it’s the day where people deliver an emotional farewell speech, dress up in style to match the farewell party themes, and play the farewell party games. So on this wonderful occasion, As you are in search of college farewell party names, we prefer you to look back into your memories that you had in your college. Pick an event that everyone can relate to. After that, dig out a Farewell party name out of it (The ‘College Bunking‘ incident for example). Above all, this name that relates to everyone in the farewell party is the best to one and no synonyms can beat it for sure. After short-listing your college farewell party names, don’t forget to design a perfect farewell day party invitation.


Titles for Farewell – Prefer regional languages for your college farewell party names

No language can beat our mother-tongue in a race to the heart. Choose a more regional name that suits your farewell day title.

English Adieu
Bengali বিদায়
Czech Sbohem
Danish farvel
Dutch Vaarwel
French Au Revoir
Greek Αντίο
Gujrati ગુડબાય
Hindi अलविदा
Irish slán
Kannada ವಿದಾಯ
Latvian ardievas
Malayalam വിട
Marathi गुडबाय
Polish do widzenia
Punjabi ਅਲਵਿਦਾ
Romanian la revedere
Spanish adiós
Swedish adjö
Tamil குட்பை
Telugu వీడ్కోలు
Turkish Güle güle
Urdu الوداع