College Farewell Party Games Ideas and Activities

The last party in your college should be filled with Games, Tasks and Dares. Thus the Farewell Party Games and Tasks should be focused on embracing the last moments of the departing peer. Here we have listed many Farewell Party Games, Tasks and Dares that can beautify the overall quality of your Party.

Kick off College Farewell Party Games with Anonymous Confessions

Throw out an arena to make people confess anonymously. There may be an untold truth, an apology, or maybe a proposal. It will be a good way to receive feedbacks also. One idea is to fix a box to put letters with receiver name and decide a committee to deliver it while planning the farewell party at first place. Better to host activities like these other than planning only college farewell party games.

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Roast and Toast

farewell party games roast and toast

Urban Dictionary states roast as “To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke” and A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. It is not actually a farewell party game, but a roast will be hilarious and toast will be memorable.

Random Awards

Giving out awards with funny titles is another way to spice up the event. Find funny titles in English as well as your regional dialect. Afterward, tag everyone with titles like ‘best foodie’, ‘best couple’, ‘the nerd’, ‘Mr.Cool’ etc.

Find Farewell Titles Here: College Farewell Party Names and Titles

Guess Who?

This is a fun-filled farewell party game idea. For instance, host a challenge where you speak out crazy or mischevious funny things occurred in the past. Then, ask the audience or participants to guess who did it! For example, “Guess Who wrote ‘I Love you XYZ’ in our washroom?”. It will surely make some laughs and funny arguments. You can include victims of Pranks from Freshers Day too.

Dancing and Singing

farewell party ideas for seniors

No Party will end without a scoop of Music and Dance added to it. Dancing and Singing can be considered as one of the unavoidable farewell party games for seniors and, make them compete with their moves and voice. At the same time, consider couples and organize a romantic dance for them too.

Modeling and Ramp Walking

farewell party tasks dares and farewell party games

It is the last college party and who doesn’t like to show some fashion sense. Don’t forget to build a ramp so as the seniors could walk and show their macho. Mark it in one of the college farewell party games, and pick the Ramp King or Queen.

Share Old Photos and Videos

This will make someone cry. First, collect as many photos and videos of the ones who bidding bye and make a collage. Show it on the big screen with soothing background music that can relate to. Don’t forget to include the photos of the college trip and, also create a ‘before and after’ version of everyone’s appearance.

Fun Quiz

A quiz can be one of your college farewell party games, you can include teachers and other staffs too. Conduct a questionnaire that relates to the college, teachers, and students. Include funny questions around the globe and don’t even think about adding General GK Questions.

One Minute College Farewell Party Games

To make the event more colorful, add one-minute farewell party games. Check out this video by ‘Minute to Win it’ for a lot of party ideas.

Sharing Memories/Speech

It will be the last stage in the college maybe, a stage to speak about college life memories. Other than enjoying the college farewell party games, Prepare a Speech for farewell, Make someone cry.

Summary: Best College Farewell Party Games Ideas and Activities

  1. Anonymous Confessions
  2. Roast and Toast
  3. Random Awards
  4. Guess Who?
  5. Dancing and Singing
  6. Modeling
  7. Ramp Walking
  8. Sharing Old Memories
  9. One Minute Games
  10. Sharing Old Photographs

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