College Dorm Survival Tips – 5 Verified Hacks

As a student you often cannot escape it; staying in a hostel. A good night’s sleep and relaxed surroundings are often not the most obvious reasons for sleeping in a hostel, but it is a part of college life.

The Roommates also bring the necessary nuisance with them, therefore these 5 College Dorm Survival Tips will make your stay in college hostel as pleasant as possible.

11. Earplugs are your best friend

There many beneficial points in terms of staying in a college hostel, the biggest disadvantage is that you have to share the room. Snoring or drunken roommates, unfortunately, do not contribute to a good night’s sleep – just like early birds who find a study time and get up at 7 in the morning. Earplugs are therefore your best friend in a hostel, this way you can shut yourself off from all the sounds around you.