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College Dorm Survival Tips – 5 Verified Hacks

As a student you often cannot escape it; staying in a hostel. A good night’s sleep and relaxed surroundings are often not the most obvious reasons for sleeping in a hostel, but it is a part of college life.

The Roommates also bring the necessary nuisance with them, therefore these 5 College Dorm Survival Tips will make your stay in college hostel as pleasant as possible.

1. Earplugs are your best friend

There many beneficial points in terms of staying in a college hostel, the biggest disadvantage is that you have to share the room. Snoring or drunken roommates, unfortunately, do not contribute to a good night’s sleep – just like early birds who find a study time and get up at 7 in the morning. Earplugs are therefore your best friend in a hostel, this way you can shut yourself off from all the sounds around you.

2. Do not forget your slippers

College Dorm Survival Tips: Hygiene! Hostels are generally not known for excellent hygiene. Even though the whole building smells like chlorine and looks clean at first sight, do not forget that dozens of people walk around here every day and use the bathroom and kitchen. If you are not interested in an athlete’s foot or other discomforts, do not forget to pack your slippers.

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3. Be kind to your roommates

The third one in College Dorm Survival Tips suggests you keep your roommates a friend. This means that after a night out you do not end with a light disco and music by Daft Punk in the shared room. Make sure the afterparty takes place somewhere else and let your roommates sleep through, then they will hopefully do this with you if you are in bed with a big hangover. Even sexes in a dormitory or in the shower are things you do not make friends with.

4. Watch your stuff

Since you sleep with people in a room you do not know, it is wise to pay attention to your belongings. College Dorm Survival Tips Guru says you can always bring a small padlock yourself to secure your suitcase or backpack against curious roommates. Being busy all the time whether your belongings are there when you return, does not contribute to a relaxed holiday feeling.

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5. College Dorm Survival Tips Bonus: Adjust your expectations

Are you used to a 5-star hotel and do not like sharing? Maybe you would do well to avoid sleeping in a hostel in advance. When you have decided to stay in a hostel and save money you will be guaranteed a lot of extras. With a bit of bad luck, you will be treated to a live sex show, dirty showers and your food will be missing from the shared fridge. Therefore adjust your expectations and remember that it is all only temporary. Before you know it, your journey is over and you are safe and secure in your own bed.

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