annual day anchoring script

Annual Day Anchoring Script with 8 Relevant Sections

For a programme with full packed guests it is essential to have a good well prepared Anchoring Script. This Annual Day Anchoring Script will cover all the areas that one best anchoring script should do.

Covers the topics:

Part 1 for Annual Function Anchoring Script
1. Introduction
2. Welcome Speech
3. Presidential Address
4. Inauguration

Part 2 for Annual Function Anchoring Script
5. Felicitation
6. Prize Distribution
7. Report Presentation
8. Vote of Thanks

Annual Day Anchoring Script – Part 1

Introduction for Annual Day Anchoring Script

Very good and warm morning to everyone assembled here, I am ____ with my co-host ___ welcome you all on behalf of the whole global family on this …… Annual Function. Thank you all for giving us your prized time. I request all the dignitaries to kindly occupy the seats on the dais.

Prayer for Annual Day Anchoring Script

It is a mark of our undying tradition to invoke the almighty at the beginning of an important event. Like the great philosopher once said, “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” I like to call upon _____ to pray for us.
[Sings the Prayer]
Thank you ____ we all feel blessed indeed!

Welcome Speech for Annual Day Anchoring Script

Before the launch, let me first acknowledge the presence of some of our eminent guests.
I would like to invite “Name & Designation” to formally welcome the gathering.
[Welcome Speech]
Thank you, sir, for your earnest welcome address.

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Presidential Address for Annual Day Anchoring Script

Now I would like to invite “Name & Designation” for the Presidential Address.
Thank you, sir, for your wonderful Presidential address.

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Inauguration for Annual Day Anchoring Script

Next, It is our Inauguration ceremony, I would like to welcome our Chief Guest Mr./Ms. “Name & Designation” to light the lamp and launch this propitious ceremony.
[Inauguration Ceremony]
Now, “Name & Designation” will deliver his Inauguration speech for us, Welcome sir, I would request the most honorable personality of tonight to step upon the floor and take in hand the audience.
[Inauguration Speech]
Thank you, Sir, for your lovely words.

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5. Felicitation
6. Prize Distribution
7. Report Presentation
8. Vote of Thanks

Anchoring Script for Annual Day – Part 2

Report for Annual Day Anchoring Script

Next, we have our Annual School/College/Committee Report. I would like to call upon our respected Principal/Director/President, “Name”, the sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and a navigator of this flagship of knowledge to present the preamble of school’s achievements, the school/college report.
[Report Presentation]
That was one hard job! Thank you “Name & Designation” for your patience and commitment towards this organization. Our togetherness has proved its strength in all the fields.


Next, we have some felicitation speeches on the way. First, it is our favorite teacher/member/companion “Name & Designation”. Let’s welcome him/her with a loud round of applause.

Prize Distribution

We have proved our talent in all streams and to appreciate them for their hard work is our duty. Now it’s a time to acknowledge the talent of our brimming buddies by beginning the prize distribution ceremony. I humbly request to give away the prizes.

Vote of Thanks

There is an end to everything but we believe that there is never an end but always a beginning. That to conclude for today, I request the Head Girl, Anupreksha Jain to deliver the ‘Vote of Thanks’.

School-the temple of all students. Every school has its motto and this is reflected in its school anthem. I wish this string of feats be never-ending.
Thank you, everyone, Now we will move on to our mesmerizing cultural programs. Stay tight, we are going to surprise you all!

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