10 lines short stories with moral in english

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

Short Stories is the best way to tell something in a short span and if it has a moral attached to it, it’s even better. If you have assignments or homework to write 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral. Hereby we have collected 2 most famous and simple short stories that are only 10 lines and too with a moral.

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral: The clever crow


  1. Once a crow found a big piece of cheese
  2. The crow held it in her beak and flew up to the tree branch to eat the cheese
  3. A fox came by.
  4. When the Fox saw the piece of cheese his mouth watered as the cheese looked tasty
  5. Suddenly an idea flashed through his mind, the Fox called out the crow in a very smooth gentle manner
  6. “Madam I’ve heard that you have a very sweet voice would you mind singing a song for me?” he asked
  7. The crow was way smarter than the Fox she understood his cunning intention
  8. She carefully tipped the piece of cheese from her beak and put it under her foot
  9. Then she sang a song
  10. Fox was outwitted he did not reply he quietly walked away

Moral: Be Careful of Flattery

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10 Lines Short Stories with Moral: Fox and the Hen


  1. Fox was passing by a tree he saw a hen sitting on one of the branches
  2. The fox’s mouth watered and he thought “what a fine lunch!”
  3. The Fox did not know how to climb a tree so he somehow had to make the hen come down.
  4. He looked up and said gently “Hello friend, I have a great news”.
  5. “What is it?” Asked the Hen.
  6. “I am a Messenger of God hereafter no animal will eat any other animal we are all friends, so come down let’s celebrate”.
  7. The smart hen replied “whoa! that’s really great, we should probably call our human friends the house! look, they are almost here”.
  8. The Fox gasped on hearing.
  9. As he was about to run the Hen asked “What are you afraid? we are all friends now!”.
  10. “Yes, but the human friends might not know this” saying this the Fox run away as fast as his legs could carry him.

Moral: Always remain cautious of cunning people

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