10 Lines on Patriotism in English

2Set II – 10 lines on Patriotism in English

This propensity of patriotism additionally flows in the blood of individuals of India where people can live and pass away for their nation. That’s why we call our country our native land and also respect her.

  1. Patriotism is a sensation to fight as well as sacrifice very own life for the pride of our country.
  2. Patriotism does not constantly suggest to sacrifice our life but it indicates to live for the country.
  3. It is not only displayed by the soldiers fighting on the borders but it is the sensation to make our nation best worldwide by whatever one can do for the nation.
  4. Patriotism is the love and also commitment towards our nation in every circumstance.
  5. It was the patriotism of our freedom fighters that sacrificed their lives to obtain the Independence.
  6. The soldiers combating on the boundary and safeguarding our nation presents a great kind of patriotism.
  7. Patriotism should not only be showcased on Republic day, Independence Day or in India Pakistan match it must be showcased in day-to-day life.
  8. Maintaining our city tidy, helping the needy one is likewise a type of patriotism.
  9. Coming to be a volunteer as well as assisting our citizens at the time of natural tragedies is likewise patriotism.
  10. Patriotism is the pride of stating that I am an Indian and dedicating oneself to make the nation proud.

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