10 lines on my teacher essay speech

10 Lines on My Teacher – Short Essay, Paragraph, Speech

This article helps the students to do their homework or assignment about their teacher. These 10 lines on teacher will help you to fill every gap when you are writing an essay or a paragraph. Even if you are preparing for a Teachers Day Speech, you can use these points.

  1. The Teacher is the person who molds the future generation.
  2. A teacher through her love and care improves our skills that we didn’t even notice or know.
  3. They try to develop a positive attitude among the children towards every situation.
  4. One of the ideal profession who provides selfless duty to bring up good students.
  5. Teachers teach children about cleanliness, hygiene, behavior towards others.
  6. They never differentiate among the children and treats everyone equally.
  7. They provide students with her love, care, knowledge, and support.
  8. They are the mother’s at our school who punishes for our misdoings.
  9. A person who pushes their students to do their best in everything.
  10. A teacher never expects anything from the students other than their own good future.

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