10 lines on my school

10 Lines On My School – Short Essay, Paragraph, Speech

School is the place where we learn to live. After a child learns to walk, talk and understand, comes the inception of school life. Here are the 10 lines on my school, which you can use for your short essay, speech or paragraph writing.

There may be assignments for young kids to write about their school in 10 lines or sentences. This article mainly focuses on that aspect where students can use one of the 10 lines on my school or full of them for their educational purposes. While writing about your school, include your School name and history at first. Proceed with Faculties and Amenities of your School and end with your experience and memories. If you are preparing a speech instead of a short essay, use appropriate quotes and mentions also. For any type of educational use, you can select points from these 10 lines which solely written about your school.

10 Lines On My School – Short Essay Points

  1. It’s the place where we would cry to get rid of it in the beginning and will be also crying when it will be the time of leaving.
  2.  School is the place where we make friends, who will be there for us in our happiness and sorrow.
  3.  School teachers are our guides who try to bring us to the right path by making us understand the difference between right and wrong.
  4.  The school learning teaches us to be disciplined and to be punctual.
  5.  The class from morning to evening/noon makes us how to do things on their own, makes us independent.
  6.  Mingling among different kinds of people makes us learn to adjust and care.
  7.  The prayer at the beginning and evening makes us feel blessed whole day.
  8. The different activities, lessons, games make the students more efficient.
  9.  The library in the school which includes many books develop reading habit among the students.
  10. The study norms of the school make students efficient and creative.

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