10 lines on my hobby essay

10 Lines on My Hobby Essay – Simple Essay for Kids

Use these simple lines to write your own creative simple essay for your kids in class 1 to class 4. These “10 lines on my hobby” are simple so that any kid can understand in their own way.

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10 Lines on My Hobby Essay – Set 1

  1. Hobby is a work which gives pleasure.
  2. Everyone must have a hobby.
  3. Hobbies always keeps us busy.
  4. It saves us from falling into bad company.
  5. There are many hobbies we can follow.
  6. They are meant to suit different tasks.
  7. Some persons have painting as their hobby. Some make stamp collecting as their hobby.
  8. My hobby will always help me to use my free time in a useful way.
  9. The Hobby I do most is reading.
  10. My favourite hobby is to watch cartoon.

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My Hobby is Gardening – Set 2

  1. One of my favourite hobby is gardening.
  2. I have a little plot of land at the back of our house.
  3. I have turned that plot into a small garden.
  4. I grow flowers and plants of various kinds in that plot.
  5. I get help in this work from our school gardener.
  6. He is an experienced gardener.
  7. He tells me how to grow flowers and plants of various kinds.
  8. I have grown plants of sunflower, rose, zenia. etc., in my garden.
  9. I take great care of them. I water them three times in a weeks.
  10. I work in my garden only when I have finished my studies.

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