10 Lines on Morning Walk – Simple Essay for Kids

For people who wake up early in the morning and go for a morning walk, their mind and body will be refreshed for the whole day. You have to teach your kids this habit. These 10 Lines on Morning Walk will help the students to complete their worksheets or homework as well as encourage them to go out for a morning walk. So let us get into 10 Lines on Morning Walk Essay!

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  1. A morning walk is the most healthy thing in the world.
  2. it is very useful for both body and mind, it gives exercise to every part of our body.
  3. I go regularly for a morning walk.
  4. My friend Rohit, goes with me and We go to the bank of the river everyday.
  5. We meet many people on the way.
  6. We see green trees on both sides of the road We hear the chirping of birds.
  7. “We enjoy the sweet smell of flowers We see dew-drops on the leaves of plants.
  8. The scene of nature is very beautiful on the bank of the canal.
  9. The sun rises after we reach there.
  10. We see the beautiful rays of the sun in the east.Also Check: 10 Lines on My Hobby 

    10 Lines on Morning Walk – Set 2

  1. A morning walk is the most healthy for your body and mind.
  2. A morning walk gives exercise to every part of our body.
  3. I always walk to the canal near by my home with my father.
  4. Some people take exercise on the bank of the canal. We also take exercise there.
  5. Some people talk with one another and waste time, but we don’t do that.
  6. We come back quite refreshed.
  7. We can study well during the day after taking morning work.
  8. Morning walk makes our life perfect.
  9. It gives us joy, health and fitness I enjoy every minute of my morning walk.
  10. People must give important to their health and should start jogging everyday.

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