10 Lines on Lockdown – Lockdown Simple Essay in English

Lockdown is the measure taken by countries and their government to control the situations happening around. This 10 Lines on Lockdown essay will provide you little information about the situation. You can use these 10 Lines to create your version of Lockdown Essay or Lockdown Speech in English.

  1. Lockdown is an emergency protocol executed by the government. 
  2. Lockdown is a situation in which people cannot enter or exit in a specific area.
  3. It is a security measure to protect people from the pandemic.
  4. That means we should stay where we are to stop spreading any pandemic happening.
  5. The government enforces several restrictions on people during the lockdown. 
  6. That means, only very essential activities of people are allowed.
  7. All other non-essential activities must shut for that entire period.
  8. People must follow the guidelines and instructions for everyone’s safety.
  9. Otherwise, the consequences are that the risk of the situation might increase rapidly, where there could be a loss of human lives.
  10. We should not waste our lockdown period. We should use it effectively and take care of our health.

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