10 Lines on Library importance uses Hindi (पुस्तकालय निबंध

10 Lines on Library and it’s Importance to Students

We are living in online era but libraries are still relevant in the society. The Libraries have our culture and history engraved in their shelves. That is the reason why every school and colleges are directed to maintain a library. We have written 3 Sets on Importance of Library in Student’s Life. Before we jump in to 10 Lines on Library Essay, we have the oral presentation of this write-up, watch the video:

10 Lines on Library and It’s Importance (Set 1)

  1. Where there is a collection of books, it is called a library. 
  2. The goal of the library is to increase the knowledge of humans. 
  3. The knowledge growth of human beings also comes from education institutions. 
  4. But educational institutions do not succeed in their full efforts. 
  5. The Library is a boon for people who have the inconvenience of going to schools or colleges. 
  6. Libraries are mainly of two types – public library (public) and private library (private). 
  7. Books of various subjects are stored in the public library. Society can benefit from this. 
  8. In the public library, anyone can become a member and read books at will. 
  9. Everyone can benefit from a private library. A lot of money has to be spent on this.
  10. Not everyone can buy all the books required. The facility to read books of different types of subjects can be accessed only in libraries. 

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10 Lines on Uses of Library for Students (Set 2)

  1. A building with collection of books can be called as a library. 
  2. The goal of the library is to increase the knowledge of humans. 
  3. We have to take shelter in the library to develop our personality.
  4.  In fact, time is well spent by studying books. 
  5. The library is also a means of entertainment. 
  6. The study of books is necessary for brain development. 
  7. On taking advantage of the library, the darkness of ignorance of man is destroyed. 
  8. The library is important in spreading light like knowledge.
  9. Libraries are becoming less popular due to the development of the Internet. 
  10. But, true information and imagination can only be obtained through reading books. 

10 Lines on Importance of Library (Set 3)

  1. The history and culture of humans are recorded in the library.
  2. Where there is a collection of books, it is called a library. 
  3. The goal of the library is to increase the knowledge of humans. 
  4. There is an absolute lack of the best libraries in our country. 
  5. There can be no possibility of any loss from the library. 
  6. It is almost impossible to get general knowledge only by school or college books. 
  7. Every man should help libraries more and more for the benefit of the nation and society. 
  8. Financial assistance is provided by the government for the establishment of libraries in the villages. 
  9. In short, the library is a fund through which the social, historical, economic background of any country, community, and nation can be studied.
  10. In this online era, people can also find time for e-libraries to enhance their knowledge.

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