10 Lines on National Language Hindi Hamara Rashtra Bhasha Nibandh

10 Lines on National Language Hindi | Simple Essay

Hindi is considered as the National language of India. These 10 Lines on Hindi Language will give a brief idea about it. If you are interested, you can watch our youtube video to learn more about pronunciation and presentation of this essay.

10 Lines on National Language Hindi (Set 1)

  1. Hindi is the language of most of the people of India.
  2.  The number of people speaking and understanding this language is the highest. 
  3. Therefore, the ability to become the national language of India is in Hindi.
  4. India is a vast country. There are many cultures, religions, and languages ​​here. 
  5. These variations also maintain unity. During British rule, all work was done in English. 
  6. Along with the freedom struggle movement in India, the problem of the national language also arose. 
  7. The national language is the common language for establishing an emotional unity among the people of the nation.
  8.  In the province of India, different languages ​​were spoken. It was called for adoption as the national language. 
  9. Hindi is a very simple language that does not cause any inconvenience in learning it. 
  10. Hindi is written in Devanagari script. 

Do you know Mahatma Gandhi has paved the way to make hindi our official language. Follow the second set of 10 Lines on National language Hindi.

10 Lines on Hindi – Our National Language (Set 2)

  1. Hindi was chosen as the official language in the Constitution of India on 14 November 1949 with the great aim of securing the integrity of the country.
  2. In ancient times, Sanskrit had the distinction of being the national language of the country. 
  3. English is a rich language. But one cannot awaken the public through English. 
  4. Our tradition and culture can never be revealed through English. 
  5. India was a slave to the British and other foreigners for centuries. V
  6. various foreign rulers conducted governance through the language of their country. 
  7. In the pre-independence period, all the works were done in English itself, but after independence, the conduct of government work by English is a matter of great shame.
  8. India needs a national language to establish national spirit and national unity.
  9.  Hindi has been given the suitability to climb to the post of the national language. 
  10. The special qualities of becoming a national language are engraved in Hindi. 

10 Lines Hindi Language Simple Essay (Set 3)

  1. Hindi is the language of most of the people of India.
  2.  The number of people speaking and understanding this language is the highest. 
  3. Hindi is simpler and easier than other Indian languages. 
  4. It requires little effort to learn. 
  5. The script of the Hindi language is completely scientific.
  6.  The number of speakers of Hindi language is the highest, but there are more than those who understand them. 
  7. Hindi speaking number was about forty percent.
  8. Being the language of the majority of the people of the country, Hindi has the highest responsibility. 
  9. Therefore, we should create a suitable environment for the promotion of Hindi in the country.
  10.  Central government work is also being done in the national language.

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