10 Lines on Deforestation

10 Lines on Deforestation | Deforestation Essay in English

Cutting down trees and destroying forest may led to destructive future of our planet earth. These 10 Lines on Deforestation is written to give you a little idea about what deforestation is and how it should be eradicated.

  1. Deforestation is the cutting or clearing of the forests for selfish human activities.
  2. As a result of deforestation a large number of animals lose their habitat.
  3. The trees which stood as a protection for the mother earth being no more, changes the ecological balance.
  4. Deforestation can result in soil erosions, climatic changes, drought etc.
  5. Deforestation for human activities such as building homes, factories, resorts results in the decreased amount of oxygen and increased pollutions.

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  6. Increased population is one of reasons for deforestation.
  7. Global warming is one of the major problem caused by deforestation.The uv rays reaching earth can cause different diseases like burns, cancer etc..
  8. Deforestation can also cause increase in temperature.
  9. Animals which become homeless will become extinct within a small time.
  10. Deforestation arises due to the greedy needs of man to fulfill his dreams which becomes a threat to him itself.

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