10 lines on All that glitters is not gold essay

10 Lines on All that Glitters is not Gold | Simple Essay in English

You have heard the proverb “All that glitters is not gold”. Here, we have explained this proverb as simple as possible for kids. We have a video version of this 10 Lines on All that Glitters is not Gold essay at our website, check it above.

  1. Gold is a precious metal and its price has been going up steadily.
  2. Gold’s glittering yellow colour is the most important feature’
    many of us think that all things having a colour like gold are valuable like gold.
  3. Gold has several properties that make it valuable, its colour does not fade, Gold can be beaten into very thick sheets and it can be drawn into very thin wires.
  4. People prefer the external appearance but later they will find that was not the real quality,.
  5. In our life, we come across people who speaks sweetly and smile beautifully, But their true nature comes out only when we want them to do something.Also see another proverb explained: 10 Lines on Where there is a Will, There is a Way
  6. People who can adjust themselves, who can suffer for the sake of others, may not have an attractive appearance.
  7. We will be greatly mistaken if we decide to keep away from them because their external form is not exactly pleasing.
  8. To consider something as valuable, going by its outward appearance is wrong.
    To keep away from persons of things because they are not pleasing to our eyes is wrong too
  9. So we always should prefer someone’s inner quality than outer shine.
  10. Even if you doesn’t shine outside, be someone who is good inside.

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