10 Lines On Independence Day Celebration

2Set II

  1. Independence Day is commemorated on 15th August every year to note the self-reliance of India from the British policies in 1947.
  2. The Prime Minister of India addresses the country on the eve of the Independence Day.
  3. The Prime Minister of India lifts the national flag as well as addresses the country from the ridges of Red Fort.
  4. Colleges, schools, personal and public workplaces also hoist the nationwide flag and pay homage to the freedom fighters.
  5. Competitions, dramas, skits, plays, etc. are performed based upon the freedom struggle are performed in various institutions.
  6. Several cultural programs are organized throughout the nation to bear in mind the heroic actions of our freedom fighters.
  7. Children celebrate Independence Day with fantastic pride as well as honor carrying small flags in their hands.
  8. Lots of schools arrange ethnic wear competitors in which youngsters spruce up as freedom fighters and also provide their stage performances.
  9. Patriotic tracks are played anywhere at the institutions, colleges, radios, televisions, and internet.
  10. 15th August is observed as a national holiday as well as a scent of nationalism flows in the air.

Independence Day is celebrated in India on a bigger scale especially in colleges, universities as well as federal government offices. People from all profession commemorate Independence Day with fantastic nationalism as well as interest. On this wondrous day, we need to advise ourselves of the sacrifices by our fellow siblings to achieve Freedom for India as well as must function in the direction of the advancement as well as the success of Nation losing our distinctions.

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