5 Reasons Why College Life is Fun – Positive Things About College Life

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Positive Things About College Life

Is college life fun? will it be boring? the questions raised by average student peer while stepping out of high school. On one side of the coin, college life is hell but it is fun on the other. Taking the boring side apart let us see why college life is fun- Positive Things About College Life!

Positive Things About College Life 1. Lots of Time

While people with a job are sitting five days a week and nine to five behind a desk, students have all the time in the world. Because many courses have few contact hours you can sleep, Netflix, Be in a Relationship and sleep more.

Positive Things About College Life 2. Party on Weekdays

The student life consists for a large part of good parties. Every evening there is a good hangout place somewhere and you are always there. You do not have lectures every day and sometimes you can also bunk! Despite your good intention to always be a party animal, it really becomes difficult if you just have to work. Enjoy it.

is college life fun

Positive Things About College Life 3. Financial Perks

Besides that you can travel cheaper / free with public transport, you have many more discounts as a student. So you can often cheap or free to clubs, museums, you can buy cheap driving lessons, to the gym or even clothes. And just get a few hundred rupees in the month is a luxury you will never have. It is secretly a loan, but we just forget that.

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is college fun

Positive Things About College Life 4. Hostel Life

You often find them annoying, your roommates. They do not clean, make a lot of noise if you want silence and have a shower long. But you always have someone to talk to, you can cook together (nice and cheap!) And it is never boring and quiet at home.

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Positive things about college life

Positive Things About College Life 5. Making mistakes is allowed

As a student, you can still make mistakes. If you work you will be fired after mistakes, as a student, many mistakes will be forgiven you because well, you are still young and sometimes a little stupid.Good right?

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