Tips to Organize College Farewell Party

Let’s Organize college farewell party! It’s the time of the year to bid good bye. A chance to end the last days in the college with a party that no one forgets! A College Farewell party is mostly hosted by the juniors, seniors itself, or by the college officials. Before Hosting a college farewell party lets go through these tips to make this day a memorable one.

How to Organize College Farewell Party?


1: Find a Theme

Nothing is a better icebreaker than an organized Indian college party theme! So let all our guests get excited in their most tropical, exotic or just a plain theme. Create a theme, for example, the style matches your country, including music, snacks, and drinks. Or you just give a typical farewell party with games, food, and pranks. You can Find College Farewell Party Themes Here.


organize college farewell party


2: Give a Name to the Party

“Farewell Day 2K18” is now being overused and not cool anymore. Find out a name for your college farewell party so that it can stand out. You can make Facebook, Instagram Pages and Promote your function easily with a unique name. We have to organize college farewell party with some class.

Check out Best of College Farewell Party Names


3: Figure out your location

We have to find a place where there is enough room for our games, snacks and must be able to occupy all our guests. Open air will be kind of cool or you settle down to an auditorium for comfort. Pre Plan all the things and make sure that the venue is perfect for the farewell day. If you are planning it on college make sure to seek out permission from authorities.

4: Organize Food and Drinks

Whatever the theme you make, there are always nice matching snacks and drinks. Pick the menu according to the time schedule of the farewell party. Decide the food is served before, after or in between the function. Do Proper waste management as the left over may make your venue a total mess.


organize college farewell party

 5: Set up Games

Games are the unavoidable part of any party. Organize college farewell party with some entertaining games. While organizing a college farewell party, do a great research on the games that can entertain each and every one in the place. We have a list of games that can be played in a farewell day Here. Short list the best among them and have fun.

Check Games and Activities Here: College Farewell Party Games

6: Make Decorations, organize college farewell party with colors

A party is of course not completely complete without slingers and whistles and balloons. After deciding the Venue, to organize college farewell party effectively, form a Decoration Committee. Then Find Ideas for decorations that ain’t expensive. Don’t waste too much money buying these. DIY Decoration Ideas for College Fests can help you.


7: Print out Invitations

Sending out an invitation to guests makes your party more official and genuine. Print out cards with newly selected farewell party name designed to perfection. Don’t do it on some silly photo editing app and lose its professional touch. Here are some examples of Farewell Party Invitation Designs.

8: Give some Gifts

Gifts are memorable. Gifts on a memorable day are more memorable. Plan something that can touch the heart and make it cry. Give out gifts with some touchy notes on it. 10 Ideas for Farewell Day Gifts.

organize farewell party

9: Do a Speech, Share some memories

After all, the farewell parties are to share and create memories. Speak about all the good memories, speak about teachers, mention college life, the things you liked, the things you adjusted later, college crush etc. Make someone cry with College Farewell Speech Guide Here.

10: Turn up the Speakers!

A bit of music can spice up every event. Check out for new trends in music and make a playlist. Use songs and background music wisely with games and also movie dialogues can be played in between for quite a few laughs. Don’t Burn your Laptop though!



organize college farewell day


11: Hold an Awards Ceremony

Let’s Organize college farewell party with something to laugh! List out categories to give out awards to each individual. Make sure to incorporate something funny for the farewell day awards.


12: Arrange a Place to Take Photos

The last tip to organize college farewell party is to arrange a Photobooth to capture everyone in style. Hire a photographer for lots of candid pictures and make sure you video every funny moment that occurs in your farewell day.


Organize Farewell Party

  1. Find a Theme
  2. Give Name to Farewell Party
  3. Figure out Location
  4. Decide Food and Snacks
  5. Set up Farewell Games
  6. Make Decorations
  7. Print out Invitations
  8. Plan Gifts
  9. Give a Speech
  10. Include Music
  11. Hold an Awards Ceremony
  12. Arrange Places to Take Photos



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