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100+ Group Names – College Gang Names – Cool Team Names

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Here is the list of 100+ group names, that you can use for College Gang Names, as Cool Team Names, WhatsApp group names, funny group chat names, friends group names, family group names etc.

College Gang Names from History (Real Gang Names)

  1. Scuttlers 
  2. Live Oak Boys
  3. Thuggee – Friends Group Names
  4. The Five Point Gang
  5. Mohocks
  6. The Vorovsky Mir
  7. Kabukimono
  8. The Bloody Tubs – Friends Group Names
  9. The Forty Elephants Gang
  10. Les Apaches

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Cool Team Names from Movies

  1. The Warriors
  2. The T-Birds
  3. The Ocean Crew
  4. The Magnificent Seven
  5. Wolverines – Friends Group Names
  6. The Goonies
  7. Reservoir Dogs
  8.  The Natives

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100 College Gang Names

1. The Bronze Devil Association
2. The Jade Ghost Soldiers
3. The Crimson Toad Clan
4. The White Troll Band
5. The Thunder Ravenclaws – Friends Group Names
6. The Crystal Angels
7. The Ruby Pistols
8. The Cobalt Mammoths
9. The Day Walkers
10. The Destroyers – College Gang Names
11. The Flame Coyote Soldiers
12. The Yellow Bear Squad
13. The Denim Warthog Band – whatsapp group names
14. The Fire Skeletons
15. The Electric Blooddrops – Good Group Names
16. The Orange Eagle Riders
17. The Jackal Tribe
18. The Grizzly Mamba Band
19. The Blue Pistol Association – Cool Team Names
20. The Demon Horns – Friends Group Names
21. The Alligators
22. The Aliens
23. The Sapphire Fangs
24. The Women Of The Night
25. The Doom Bringers

26. The Flame Vipers – whatsapp group names
27. The White Phantoms
28. The Invincibles
29. The Life Takers
30. The Gold Crocodile Syndicate
31. The Azure Devil Company – Cool Team Names
32. The Ebony Lion Crew – Friends Group Names
33. The Yellow Knife Association
34. The Denim Blooddrops
35. The Ebony Vultures
36. The Ivory Seals – Good Group Names
37. The Royal Lions
38. The Poison Ivies – whatsapp group names
39. The Silent Death – Friends Group Names
40. The Thorn Squad – College Gang Names
41. The Gold Rose Brotherhood
42. The White Warthog Tribe
43. The Azure Bat Crew
44. The Sapphire Bats
45. The Dwarves – Friends Group Names
46. The Ruby Crosses
47. The Emerald Sharkfins – school group names
48. The Denim Thorn Association
49. The Cardinal Sharktooth Tribe
50. The Copper Skull Syndicate

51. The Onyx Honey Badger Tribe
52. The Orange Ravenclaws
53. The Grizzly Swords – Good Group Names
54. The Wolves
55. The Riders
56. The Anarchists
57. The Men Of The Night
58. The Blue Crocodile Company
59. The Mamba Riders
60. The Razor Posse
61. The Yellow Cobra Band – Cool Team Names
62. The Yellow Crows
63. The Blue Bulls
64. The Royal Tears – school group names
65. The Denim Blooddrops
66. The Women Of The Night
67. The Dead Eyes
68. The Sanguine Tiger Soldiers
69. The Grizzly Chainsaw Gang – College Gang Names
70. The Yellow Spider Posse
71. The Onyx Snake Tribe
72. The Red Serpents
73. The Thunder Thorns
74. The Black Pillagers
75. The Bronze Plunderers
76. The Silent Death
77. The Fallen Angels
78. The Thunder Rose Riders – Good Group Names
79. The Crimson Monkey Company
80. The Banner Squad

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81. The Royal Warthog Gang
82. The Ivory Rats
83. The Crocs – whatsapp group names
84. The White Blossoms
85. The Thunder Bulls
86. The Wildlings – Cool Team Names
87. The Men Of The Night
88. The Brown Warthog Gang
89. The Green Enigma Squad
90. The Onyx Crocodile Clan – school group names
91. The Royal Devil Tribe
92. The Emerald Phantoms
93. The Sabors
94. The Brass Pigmies
95. The Copper Bulls – Good Group Names
96. The Nameless
97. The Purgatory
98. The Brass Lilies – school group names
99. The Sanguine Eagles
100. The Bulldogs

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