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Of course, we all want to catch a lot of fish! Preferably, therefore, the fish must be of a sizeable size so that they will hit our fishing heart faster after a great drill. At the first wish, I think I’m doing a good job, the last one gets a bit trickier, here the luck factor will play an important role too.

On a big river, large catches are usually possible, unlike many other waters. Due to the previously mentioned fast-flowing nature of this river, the fish present here will have to search for food more often than it is on an average stationary boat. More likely to catch them, I think so.

Chronologically follow  follow All tips and tricks from this article, to print them once more before we fight.


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Outer bends:

  1. The hardest flow of the river is in Outer Bends.
  2. It is the Deepest pieces in the river (between 5 and 8 meters)
  3. Use heavy grains (between 80 and 140 grams)
  4. Fish is often close to the side (between 15 and 30 meters)
  5. Catch will mainly consist of larger, strong fish and probably less in number

Inner bends:

  1. In Inner Bends, Flow will be much less hard
  2. Shallow pieces in the river (between 2 and 5 meters)
  3. Use lighter hives (between 50 and 90 grams)
  4. Fish is more spread (between 15 and 50 meters)
  5. Catch will mainly consist of some smaller fish but reimburses numbers a lot and especially bream keeps these cuttings

Stretch dams:

  1. Harder flow of the river
  2. More constant depth (between 4 and 6 meters)
  3. Use heavy grains (between 80 and 140 grams)
  4. Fish is spread here (between 20 and 45 meters)
  5. Catch will be very different but bigger strong fish will be the main thing, big numbers are also possible here


catch a lot of fish

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  1. Fish in the deeper river sections
  2. Fish between the cribs (between 15 and 25 meters)
  3. Be careful with bait in the feed and the hook


  1. Fish in the shallower river sections (warm up faster)
  2. Fish at different distances (between 20 and 50 meters)
  3. Give some more bait with the feed, especially casters, also applies to the hook


  1. Fish is everywhere, in the morning often shallower, later in mainstream good time to catch a lot of a fish
  2. Fish at different distances and actively seek, use the (whole) river
  3. Give maximum bait with the feed, hang the hook well


  1. Fish is still everywhere, but slowly returns to deeper water
  2. Fish at different distances and actively seek
  3. Dissolve your bait offer and see how the fish response, also applies to the hook


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Chests / platforms / systems:

  1. Ensure a solid and stable surface
  2. Invest in a good system, look also at 2 e-hand quality materials
  3. Make sure you have all your items at your fingertips, buy the right accessories with your system



  1. Built on a flexible/parabolic blank but with spine to catch a lot of fish
  2. Take care of different fishing rods to ensure the best possible coverage of the different cuttings
  3. Length of the rods must be between 3.9 and 4.5 meters
  4. During the drill, keep the rod high, especially with steep slopes


  1. Select for light seaweed or heavy spinning mills, they have a thick shaft and are better resistant to continue throwing with heavy sausages
  2. Key features: High pick up speed, deep coil, well-bearing
  3. Instead of the focus on “catch a lot of fish Choose for quality, this will be paid for in the long run!


  1. Nylon: up to 35 meters away, ensures rack, less water pressure
  2. Dyneme: from 30 meters, no elongation so always 1cm preload, good bite indication


  1. Keep it simple, use a self-propelled system (eg loop-in-loop assembly)
  2. Use a good conductive sliding wedge, less resistance to a touch
  3. Use long underlines, average 1 meter, min.60 cm, max.1.5 meters
  4. Change the length of the bottom line when attachment does not / fail properly
  5. Fish preferably with anchorless grains, this because of the more natural bait offer
  6. Take the hive exactly so heavy that it runs slowly over the bottom, regardless of the type of hive
  7. Determine the weight and type of feed basket for each spot to be proven
  8. Always try to fish as lightly as possible according to the circumstances


  1. Always be sharp and strong and have a wide hook to catch a lot of fish
  2. Replace blunt hooks as quickly as possible, otherwise, you will waste fish
  3. Determine the size of the hook by the seasons, the appetite of the fish and the size of the bait


catch a lot of fish

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  1. Do not be difficult with complicated feed compositions, keep it simple
  2. Ready-to-eat is high quality, one does not need many additions
  3. Take care of heavy/rough food with a high degree of tackiness (add TTX or other cornmeal)
  4. Always sip the food several times after moistening
  5. Make sure that the feed contains no dry / floating parts, make it ready for the fishing session
  6. Make sure you always use fresh food and freeze feed that you’re right about


  1. Do not be too economical with the use of flavors, these lures from far the fish to your bait
  2. In the warmer period sweet is often good, in the colder period, herbaceous additives are often good.
  3. Occasionally add a little extra flavor to your basket as a booster, to activate the fish
  4. Good flavors are: caramel, vanilla, coriander, scopex and many liquid mixtures (Senses etc)
  5. Experiment with this and keep the results for yourself!


  1. All-round bait moves seductively often selects the smaller fish but always catches
  2. If you are crazy about food when you focus on barbecue, then feed them into the food


  1. 1 of the best Aussies in all seasons, mainly selects the bigger fish
  2. Always give up with every hive, making a perfect track
  3. Do not saturate the fish so it can be unlimited


  1. Especially in the warmer period, a topaz catches mostly large fish
  2. Feed with each hive, but adjust the amount of fish to the eatery
  3. Remains close to the foodstuff because of its weight


  1. All-round bait moves irresistible, catches in all seasons
  2. Do not give too much to your basket, saturate the fish faster
  3. Especially bream is crazy so in some places unbeatable


These are basically the tips I wanted to give you again, this time in a brief summary of the various articles posted. But take care that if you are able to use these tips and tricks to your advantage, there will undoubtedly be more fish in the net. The most important thing is to not take pleasure in when the fish does not seem to be done, so keep looking for that one way or that one on which they do it right now.

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