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  • school life vs college life

    10 Reasons College Life Differ From High School Days

    School Life VS College Life The memories that created in the high school and college life will be the running fuel of time-chariot run by wheels of responsibilities. We will not talk about grades and marks and get you bored. Else, we love to discuss the wonderful memories that you had in your college and […] More

  • Avoid Someone Hacking your Website

    5 Quick Tips to Avoid Someone Hacking your Website

    The last time you read a lot about the importance of a secure website and webshop. If at any hacking personal information is stolen, you are legally required there to report. The reputational damage that goes with you obviously wants to avoid. How do you prevent a hack? I’ll give you five tips to avoid someone hacking your website. […] More

  • catch a lot of fish

    72 Tips to Catch a Lot of Fish – Weekend College Trips

    Of course, we all want to catch a lot of fish! Preferably, therefore, the fish must be of a sizeable size so that they will hit our fishing heart faster after a great drill. At the first wish, I think I’m doing a good job, the last one gets a bit trickier, here the luck factor will […] More

  • lower laptop temperature

    5 Quick Tips to Lower College Laptop Temperature

    As technology evolves, laptop computers become faster and have more options than in previous years. The problem with faster laptops and the compact design is that the internal components build heat faster, which can cause the risk of overheating. When the laptop overheats, the system may crash or cause irreparable damage to the computer. There are ways to […] More

  • lower cpu temperature

    Lower CPU Temperature before it burns everything

    High CPU temperatures can cause a lot of bad things when it comes to computers. With CPU temperature too high can lead to a computer to crash, crash, or burn parts. CPU temperature rises when under heavy loads, such as when playing a video game. Here’s how to make sure your CPU temperature does not […] More