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    11 Funny Tweets About Indian College Life

    “Me: Sorry, Mom, actually a truck ran over me on my way back from school, so I am at the hospital.  Mom: Exam tha na tera? Kaisa hua?”   – Jungli Billi  in Hilarious tweets about Indian College Life     2. “My classmates are planning to bunk college tomorrow to watch India’s match. I plan […] More

  • catch a lot of fish

    72 Tips to Catch a Lot of Fish – Weekend College Trips

    Of course, we all want to catch a lot of fish! Preferably, therefore, the fish must be of a sizeable size so that they will hit our fishing heart faster after a great drill. At the first wish, I think I’m doing a good job, the last one gets a bit trickier, here the luck factor will […] More