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    College Dorm Survival Tips – 5 Verified Hacks

    college dorm survival tips

    As a student you often cannot escape it; staying in a hostel. A good night’s sleep and relaxed surroundings are often not the most obvious reasons for sleeping in a hostel, but it is a part of college life. The Roommates also bring the necessary nuisance with them, therefore these 5 College Dorm Survival Tips will make your […] More

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    The Best Note Making Format – How To Make Lecture Notes?

    note making format

    Taking notes in college is fundamental! They are the perfect addition to the books recommended by your teacher. Taking notes in the best note making format is also a super good way to increase your attention during class. In addition, notes taken during class allow you to better understand on which part of your course the emphasis was […] More

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    18 Best Tips to Save Money in College Life

    college money saving tips

    Everyone knows that student life can be quite difficult, and especially in the world of hi-tech gadgets, brand clothing, and party weekends! To save money in college Here are some best tips to survive with the minimum income you have and maybe get that some extra chunk easier. 1. Money management Now that you are […] More

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    100+ Group Names – College Gang Names – Cool Team Names

    Friends Group Names College gang names whatsapp group names family group titles

    Here is the list of 100+ group names, that you can use for College Gang Names, as Cool Team Names, WhatsApp group names, funny group chat names, friends group names, family group names etc. College Gang Names from History (Real Gang Names) Scuttlers  Live Oak Boys Thuggee – Friends Group Names The Five Point Gang […] More

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    Tips to Keep your College Hostel Rooms Clean

    college hostel cleaning tips

    The Cleaning in an average student hostel/dorm is usually a bunch of irregular activities. For example, little dust is sucked, the windows are dirty and the dishes are not washed until there are no cleaned ones in the cupboard. And let’s not talk about the entry of a mouse or cockroach crawling over the floor.It is understandable […] More

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    10 Effective Study Tips for College

    effective study tips

    The test schedule has already been shaped, the study load is understood and it’s time to study. There are several students who spend days on their materials and find an equivalent result as students who solely study the night before the exam. The key lies in the effectiveness of learning. Everybody studies in their own […] More

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    College Freshman Tips – The Ultimate College Freshers Guide

    College Freshman Tips

    Stepping into your college life is a difficult experience. When my college life started, I was just a normal kid as you were. I didn’t have an idea of what I should focus and what I should get rid off. The first year of your campus decides your steps towards future. So it’s your duty […] More

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    College Last Day Quotes that will make you Cry!

    college last day quotes

    13 College Last Day Quotes that will make you Emotional! So it is the last day of college and now you are realizing how much this college meant to you. From the Freshers Party to Farewell Speech, you had a hunch about the last day of college but never thought how will it feel. For […] More

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    40 Best Freshers Party Names and Titles

    freshers party names

      Best Names for Freshers Party While you are hosting a freshers party, it is important that you name it well. Mostly it is named as “Freshers Day 2018” or something too mainstream. Since you are organizing games for freshers party, pranks and also inviting everyone, you should focus on naming your freshers party with […] More

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    College Freshers Party Games, Tasks, Pranks, and Dares

    indian college freshers party

    Throw out all the cliched items and find something new for your college freshers party. A great list of freshers party tasks, Challenging games for freshers party, or even funny freshers party pranks! Find stuff that engages your audience and that makes your juniors’ day. You can also pull out something in the name of […] More

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