10 Lines on World Environment Day

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World Environment Day is commemorated on the 5th of June, annually under the aegis of the United Nations for raising recognition of ecological conditions. It was very first celebrated in the year 1974. This day is observed to increase recognition relating to all kinds of degradations in the environment such as water pollution, air pollution, dirt pollution, noise pollution, the killing of animals in forests, harming the aquatic life, overpopulation, global warming, etc. Right here we give you 10 lines on world environment day in English so that you might understand why this particular day is observed. You can include these lines in your essays as well as paragraphs in numerous events as well as competitions on the celebration of world environment day on 5th June.

  1. World environment day is observed on the fifth of June annually.
  2. It is being observed worldwide from 1974.
  3. This day is commemorated to lay anxiety on the environmental deterioration and to spread out awareness to safeguard as well as preserve our environment.
  4. The motif of world environment day 2019 is “Air Pollution”.
  5. Host for the world environment day last year was India.
  6. It is celebrated to deal with the ecological concerns, how the degrading atmosphere can produce catastrophe in the lives of all living beings.
  7. Not only it elevates issues on ecological destruction, yet also it suggests the steps that ought to be required to preserve our environment.
  8. We should understand that the world is dealing with remarkable environmental degradation such as pollution, deforestation along with marine life reduction, overpopulation, global warming etc.
  9. The number of camps, seminars in colleges and also schools in addition to rallies and morning processions, roadside plays are organized on this occasion.
  10. In 1972 it was introduced that 5th of June will certainly be commemorated as “World Environment Day” from 1974 onwards.

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Over 143 nations observe this day, yearly world environment day has a various theme which all federal governments, NGOs, semi government bodies embrace to attend to the environmental concerns.

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